Three Ways To Get The IT Skills And Resources Your Company Needs


Three Ways To Get The IT Skills And Resources Your Company Needs
Three Ways To Get The IT Skills And Resources Your Company Needs

Editorial Staff Saleprof

Date: 14.08.2018

Technology affects every part of your business, but getting the talent you need to support and implement various systems and programs is getting harder. Two-thirds (registration required) of information technology (IT) employers say there is a skills shortage in the sector, and 60% of managers have increased salaries or rates to secure a specific person for a role. With demand for tech skills unlikely to reduce, what’s the best way for you to get the right talent into your organization — full-time hiring, contractors or consultants or outsourcing your project? The answer will depend on your specific needs.

Full-Time IT Professionals

Hiring IT professionals to join your workforce full-time gives you reliable workers that you can invest time and training in. Pros: Full-time workers are more invested and engaged in company goals. If you can motivate them well, then they’ll go above and beyond to drive results. You can also hire someone slightly junior and train them into a more experienced role or hire someone experienced and bring their knowledge and expertise into your company for the long-term. Cons: Taxes, benefits and other additional costs make hiring full-time employees more costly than hiring contractors or outsourcing the work; and if your company needs are changing quickly, then full-time hiring is less agile. Hiring challenges: Time to hire is a major challenge, with many candidates telling us that they’re put off by long turnaround times and uncertainty about the process.

Contractors Or Consultants

Bringing on short to medium term IT support is a great way to boost your company’s resources to complete a project, smooth change management or to get expert insights on your technology strategy. Pros: Your company doesn’t need tech skills all the time, especially if you’re working on major projects, planning for the future or switching to a new system or process. Specialist contractors are experts in their field and can offer the support and experience your company needs for as long as you need it. Cons: Contractors may be less committed and engaged than full-time staff, and the contractor market is candidate-driven so it can be difficult to attract and secure the right person. Hiring challenges: The talent shortage means that competition is very high, which drives rates up and makes it necessary to stand out to contractors with interesting projects and a great work environment.

Outsourced Services

If you have a specific project that needs to be completed in a certain timeframe, such as building a new website or upgrading your database, a third party provider can take on the full project. Pros: With a defined statement of work (SOW), upfront knowledge of costs and a clear contract, outsourcing an IT project can reduce risk, uncertainty and headaches as you shift accountability to a third party. With the right partner, you could find that these projects run smoother, are more likely to hit deadlines and have better end results. Cons: You need clearly documented expectations and requirements to prevent misunderstandings. Where managing a project internally allows changes and adjustments throughout the project, working with a third party means you need a firm plan that all stakeholders will stick to. Hiring challenges: If your project involves third-party workers in your office, be aware of your company’s responsibilities for their health and safety. Consider incorporating your SOW into your vendor management system or managed service program to reduce risk and have clarity on costs. The right solution exists for your IT problem, but looking for a contractor when what you really need is a committed and engaged IT person who can grow with your company won’t solve anything in the long-term. Consider your organizational needs before deciding on the right approach and you’ll be able to find the right answer to any tech question.

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