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Date: 06.08.2018

Some trends are already emerging in the IT field. With a talent shortage and a fierce job market, the competition for qualified candidates has never been more intense. Some IT jobs are more popular than others, looking to dominate the industry in 2018. Which ones are at the top of the list right now?

1. Data Security Administrator

Facebook’s in hot water about access to data, especially after it came to light certain groups have been accessing users’ data for perhaps less-than-ethical uses. While this wasn’t a data breach, it has brought considerable attention to the way tech giants and other players handle users’ information. This event is just the latest in a series bringing increased awareness to data security and IT security more generally. Uber had a scandal when it was revealed it covered up a data breach, and Equifax continues to reveal the depth of its latest hack. That hack affected the data of millions more than initially thought. Data security is on the minds of many as a result, and who better to look to this task than a data security administrator? This IT professional is tasked with keeping systems up to date and working to enhance the safety of data.  

2. Business Intelligence Analyst

All that data has to do something, right? While most business managers and owners are aware they collect enormous amounts of data, few are sure of what they need to be doing with this data. Enter the business intelligence (BI) analyst. This analyst looks not specifically at the data itself, but what you can learn from it. The analyst turns this information into knowledge or strategic intelligence you can then leverage to make better business decisions.  

3. Web Developer

The web is evolving and as it does, the web developer’s role is also changing. As more businesses get off the ground and look to refine their web presence, this job is becoming more popular. The web developer is also working to create the web of the future. As one of the hottest IT jobs for 2018, web developers are increasingly in demand to perform a number of different tasks in various businesses. One business may need a website overhaul while another may be investing in the future of web experiences.  

4. Project Manager

While the title is somewhat generic, project manager remains one of the most popular IT jobs for 2018. Project managers are often hired on contract, and they have a special set of skills allowing them to oversee an IT project from end to end. As more non-tech companies hop on board with technological innovation, more project managers will be needed.  

5. UX Designer

The emphasis on the user experience isn’t going away. If you want someone to use a product, you have to make sure they have a good experience using it. Enter the UX designer. They make sure the user experience is tailor-made. Whether someone’s using an app on their smartphone or diving into augmented reality, the UX designer is the one behind the immersive experience. UX designer will continue to be one of the most in-demand IT jobs as more businesses invest in better user experiences for their clientele.  

6. System Administrator

One of the longest-standing IT jobs around, the system administrator isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As one of the most popular tech jobs in 2018, the number of system administrator jobs is projected to rise as more companies increase their technological capabilities. The system administrator’s job has changed drastically over the years as new technologies continue to emerge. The job will continue to evolve in 2018 and beyond.

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