Date: 05.03.2018

If you do not have a dedicated IT department, or if you need additional help from time to time, IT Outsourcing, from IT Force, might be exactly what you need.
If you have no IT Department
For our clients that do not have an IT department, we take on that role.  We provide a highly skilled, technically competent team of engineers, remote and onsite support, access to a wide array of skills and on-going IT consultancy. 
If you have an in-house IT person / team
If you have an in-house IT person we provide clients additional help when needed.  The role that we take on varies from helping with a specific project to providing technology advice, sometimes in specialist areas.   IT Outsourcing is not new and companies have been enjoying the benefits for some time, including:
  • cost efficiencies
  • better quality of service
  • staff can focus on your core business strategy
Our IT Outsourcing is delivered under the Guardian365 umbrella.  This fully integrated end-to-end managed IT services suite covers the entire ICT spectrum.  It incorporates everything from IT services and support to IT helpdesk, mobile device management and IT security.  Businesses demand optimum performance levels at all times from the IT infrastructure and our services ensure that you achieve this. Under Guardian365 you can select the IT support solutions that your business needs, at that time.
How does our IT Outsourcing solution work?
The first step when determining the IT Outsourcing solution best suited to the needs of a client is a complete ICT assessment The ICT assessment delivers a clear picture of the IT infrastructure.  It will help to establish where the focus should be placed in terms of time and resources.  Our ICT assessment will provide the direction that is needed to ensure that the IT environment is aligned to support the delivery of the goals of the business.  The ICT assessment reports are compiled jointly by a number of IT Force personnel.  Our teams are made up of highly experienced and qualified IT and business professionals with exposure to a wide range of industry sectors.  They are well equipped with the skills and abilities needed to deliver a comprehensive assessment of the current IT environment and a detailed review of the IT strategy most suited to the clients business. The IT Outsourcing Services  that IT Force delivers to businesses include:
  • Helpdesk Support — Our qualified team of engineers deliver IT assistance via the phone, remotely, or on-site.
  • Network Administration — We maintain the network hardware and operating systems that make up your local and wide area networks.
  • System Management — We manage and configure the computer resources of the entire business.
  • Storage Management — We utilise technologies and processes including virtualisation, replication and security compression to maximize and improve the performance of your data storage resources.
  • Security Management  — We deliver solutions that defend your IT infrastructure against spam, viruses and malware, while protecting privacy with data loss prevention and encryption technology.
  • Mobile Security — We work to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and IT services at all times.
  • Cloud Computing Services — We provide you with solutions that allow you to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.
  • Professional Services — We deliver a range of services that are designed to help you to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

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